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fence grills

As the leading fence contractor Jupiter, we’ve had the pleasure of working with families from all walks of life. They all share a common goal.

That goal is to create beauty, security, privacy, and comfort within the boundaries of their homes. A fence is one of the first things seen outside of a home. It can reflect the aesthetic and architecture of a home, while also providing several practical benefits.

If you’re no longer happy with or if there are problems that make you feel less than comfortable at home, then it’s time to start designing with your contractor Jupiter.

Here are five signs that it’s time for a new fence.

1: You Don’t Feel Secure in Your Home

You should feel safe and secure in your home. If your it is too low or even if it’s starting to deteriorate, then you won’t feel as safe as you should. Even in the safest neighborhoods, a secure fence can help you to relax and feel more comfortable.

Your local contractor Jupiter can design one that combine beauty and security. Whether you go taller, add anti-climbing features, or incorporate electronic gates, you will appreciate the additional security and peace of mind.

2: Your Fence Doesn’t Reflect the Beauty of Your Home

A fence should complement and enhance the look of your home. You’ve invested in your residence and you are proud of it. If the it doesn’t reflect the beauty of your home, then you’ll always feel like things aren’t quite complete.

It’s possible to design one that works with your home exterior to create impressive curbside appeal. Through the use of color and design, your home will stand out on your street.

If you’re ready to elevate your home with a stunning fence, it’s time to talk to Fence Crafters.

3: You Are Lacking Privacy

Just as the wrong fence can compromise security, your existing might also lack privacy. If you feel like your roadside facing windows are too exposed, then it could give you more privacy whether you’re inside, working in the garage, or out in your yard.

Wooden fences are ideal for improving privacy, thanks to their solid panels. PVC fences also work well for privacy, and they replicate the aesthetic of wood without any of the maintenance requirements.

For a fence that is both private and secure, contact the best fence contractor Jupiter today.

4: You Want to Improve Your Pool Area

Fencing is more than just a boundary for your property. If you have a pool installation, you need to keep it safe, secure, and beautiful.

A new railing could bring new life to your pool and outdoor entertaining area. You’ll have more pride in your outdoors with a new pool fence designed by the best local contractor Jupiter.

There are plenty of options for pool rail, many of which can elevate your property and even increase home value and desirability. Aluminum fencing is popular for pool areas, especially when combined with modern glass panels. If you need additional privacy around your pool, you could choose a wooden or PVC fence.

Our fencing materials are designed to last and we use finishes to protect against moisture, chemically treated water, and harsh ultraviolet rays. Contact Fence Crafters today for a free estimate.

fence besides a tree

5: Your Fence Is Showing Signs of Age

Fences don’t last forever, but with the right materials and maintenance, you can enjoy your a new one for decades. Wooden, steel, aluminum, and PVC fences will last for many years. Some PVC designs will easily last over 30 years, while aluminum fences are close behind in terms of durability.

If your existing fence is starting to show signs of age, then it could be time to design and install a completely new one. While you could maintain an existing railing for many years, there will eventually come a time when repairs and touch-ups are so frequent that it makes more sense to invest in a complete replacement.

If you’re tired of patching up, repainting, or booking expensive repairs, you can talk to the best fence contractor Jupiter to discuss your options for a whole new installation.

Ready to Improve Your Home With Fence Installation in Jupiter?

If you can relate to any of the points above, then it’s time to talk about your new fence. The team at Fence Crafters is standing by to help, and you can get a free estimate today to get started with the project.

Trust in the top fence contractor Jupiter and create your best home yet.