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Keep Your Property Secure

If you are looking for the best way to secure your property, Fence Crafters has the solution. We manufacture and install security fencing in South Florida. With the addition of a security fence to your residential, commercial, or industrial property, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investments are as secure as can be. Our team of fencing technicians has spent the last couple of decades curating the most secure fencing materials and systems in order to keep you and your assets safe and sound. Our fences are designed to deter criminal activity. The combination of the strongest materials and our outstanding craftsmanship will surely be able to do the job. Not only will our security fences keep you safe, but they will also add an aesthetic to your property that no other addition can.

Are You a Do It Yourselfer?

At Fence Crafters, we warranty all our products and services and offer wholesale pricing for qualified buyers.

Fencing Materials for the Best Security

In some cases, a privacy fence may be enough to meet your security needs. However, in other cases, a true security fence may be in order. If you live in an area where crime is abundant, or you are looking to secure your business or industrial site, it might be time to look into our security fencing options. Security fences are often made of metal and feature additional security features such as spikes and razor wiring. No matter what type of security fence you need, our team is able to manufacture and install it. Some of the materials and additional features we use for highly secure fencing include:

Anti-Climb Spikes

This type of security feature prevents unwanted guests from entering your property. Anti-climb spikes are used in precast fencing, custom steel, and aluminum fencing.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire deters criminal activity and is made of high-grade fencing wire that features sharp points.

Razor Wire

Razor wire is made from galvanized or stainless steel in order to prevent corrosion in long-term installments. This feature is another type of deterrent for your property.

Concertina Coils

Concertina coils are often used in high-risk installations and can be installed at ground level or at the top of your security fence.

Chain Link Fencing

This cost-effective type of fence can be combined with deterrent features to ensure maximum security.


Security fences are often built to be very high in order to ward off potential danger.

Double Row Fencing

Double-row fencing is used on critical sites to double the deterrence factor effectively.

chain link security fence

Contact Us Today for a No-Obligation Estimate

No matter how much or how little security you are seeking, our team has the materials and knowledge to provide you with a fence that makes you feel safe. Fence Crafters has been providing the best fencing solutions for over 25 years now. With our expertise and skill, we can install the right fence that meets your unique needs. When you reach out to us, we will discuss your concerns and come up with a no-obligation estimate for your new fence. Feeling secure and safe is not something you should have to wait for. Reach out to our experts today to discuss your security needs.

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At Fence Crafters, We Make It Safe Where You Live, Work or Play