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Privacy Fencing in South Florida

Do you feel uncomfortable in your yard? Have you caught neighbors peeking over into your property? Fence Crafters has the fencing solution for you. In South Florida, privacy fencing is available for installation today. Our team of fencing technicians has the skills, expertise, and materials to provide you with a privacy fence that will add beauty, privacy, and security to your home, all while withstanding outdoor elements. No matter how big or small your property may be, our technicians are able to install a fence that meets your needs and is affordably priced.

Are You a Do It Yourselfer?

At Fence Crafters, we warranty all our products and services and offer wholesale pricing for qualified buyers.

Privacy Fencing: Why Do I Need It?

The privacy fences that we offer provide you and your home with a variety of benefits to enjoy. All of our fences are made to require as little maintenance as possible so that you can spend time on other important things without having to worry about keeping up with your fence. With a new privacy fence, you will experience:

More Privacy

With a privacy fence, you can shield wandering eyes from neighbors and passersby so that you can feel comfortable on your property the way you deserve.

Increased Shelter

Since privacy fences do not have gaps and are tall, they provide increased protection from weather elements, including wind.

Unique Beauty

Our privacy fences are custom-made so that you can get the exact aesthetic you have been dreaming of.

Curb Appeal

Not only will your fence look great, but it will increase the value of your property and its curb appeal.

Enhanced Security

The addition of a privacy fence to your property will keep pets and children safer while also deterring criminals and wildlife.

Noise Reduction

Privacy fences reduce the presence of ambient noises so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort and quiet of your home.

white privacy fence

Choose Fence Crafters Today

In South Florida, Fence Crafters is a name that customers know they can trust and count on when it comes to their fencing needs. For decades, we have been providing the highest quality materials, expert installation services, and long-lasting results. Our fences are custom-made so that we can meet your needs every single time. With a variety of fencing materials, designs, and styles to choose from, we guarantee that we can make your fence dream a reality. Choosing us to install your next privacy fence will allow you to fully enjoy your property the way that you deserve. Reach out to our technicians today to receive a no-obligation quote on your next fence installation.

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