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So who is the best fence company in Royal Palm Beach? At Fence Crafters, of course, we think it is us. That is not bragging either; our customers say it all the time. What started out as a small, family-owned business has grown in the last 25 years into one of the largest fence companies in South Florida.

The Best Fence Company in Royal Palm Beach Is Fence Crafters!

We can support that claim by the variety and sheer size of the fences we install every day. Many of the beautiful homes in our area rest on lots over an entire acre and some twice or more as large. Even many businesses in Royal Palm Beach take the time and effort to choose a fence that not only provides protection for their facility and inventory but also is pleasing to customers as they walk into the building or onto a parking lot.

No matter the requirement, our teams can build and install the perfect fence for every home and even commercial property. Fence Crafters can provide that support to new fence buyers in Royal Palm Beach because we maintain an on-site manufacturing plant and one of the largest inventories of material. If we do not have a specific item or material on-hand, the excellent relationship we have with area suppliers ensures we can get it quickly.

Every wood fence we install is made with pressure-treated pine to ensure it resists the effects of the sun and weather. After using a weather-resistant paint, every picket and privacy fence maintains a superb appearance for many years.

Chain link fencing is still very popular to secure businesses and help keep pets safe at home. We can manufacture a chain link fence from three feet to ten feet in height, and every fence is galvanized with a zinc coating to protect it from the weather.

In addition to these materials, we are very proud to be the sole distributor for Ply-Gem Vinyl Fence and Railing in Palm Beach County. Ply-Gem last longer than other materials are simple to clean and even after five years, looks just like it did at the time of installation.

Finally, we can claim to be the best by what our customers tell us. Visit our customer comments and see for yourself how satisfied they are with not just the end product, but also our work ethic, respect for their homes, and the excellent pricing we have for every fence.

If you’re considering investing in a new fence or upgrading your current fence, call the best fence company in Royal Palm Beach today at 561-848-6220. We offer free estimates on residential and commercial fences.