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A new fence at your home could raise curbside appeal while creating more privacy and security for your family. Privacy is something that every home needs, but it’s not always easy to achieve if you don’t use the right materials.

To keep things easy, your local fence contractor Delray Beach has your privacy requirements covered.

The team at Fence Crafters will design, build, and install a fence that secures your family while protecting your yard and home from prying eyes. Here’s what you need to do if you want to increase privacy with your new fence.

Choose the Right Material

Material is important when it comes to your new fence. When you choose the best fence contractor Delray Beach, you’ll have several different options to select from. At Fence Crafters, we create long-lasting fences that will look great for years, but not every material is designed for privacy.

  • Aluminum fencing is incredibly popular. It creates an upmarket aesthetic and is low-maintenance. However, aluminum fencing is lacking when it comes to privacy, so it might not be the best option for your curbside fence.
  • Wood fencing is a better option and a classic material used throughout Florida and the rest of the United States. Wood offers the best privacy and options for tall fences that prevent climbing. If you want to limit the view from outside, wood is one of the first materials you should consider.
  • Chain link fencing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of privacy, but it can be customized to meet your needs. Not only is this material one of the most durable options to choose with your fence contractor Delray Beach, but it’s also one of the most affordable. The addition of privacy slats can keep your yard and windows to your home private, but the aesthetic isn’t as impressive as a wooden fence.

Wood is obviously the best material for privacy in this case, but there is another option that we can now discuss in more detail.

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Consider Having a Custom Pvc Solution From Your Fence Contractor Delray Beach

Solid wood fencing is the benchmark for home privacy. The very nature of wooden fencing panels will eliminate visibility through the fence. Wooden fences can also be made tall to increase security or meet regulations around your swimming pool.

While wood is an excellent fencing material, it can suffer from deterioration, rot, and even insect infestation over the years. We limit this problem by using the highest quality treated lumber. Regular maintenance will limit deterioration, providing a longer return on your investment.

Or, if you want a low maintenance solution that looks just as good as wood to most people, you can consider vinyl fencing. Vinyl, or PVC, is a resin material used to create solid fencing products that will never rot. The material is impervious to moisture and can be easily cleaned to remove dust and mildew.

PVC fencing is factory-colored, and any fading throughout its lifetime will be minimal. While you can’t paint a vinyl fence to change the color, you can have confidence knowing that your fence will look great for decades.

At Fence Crafters we are the exclusive fence contractor Delray Beach for PlyGem. This company produces the best looking and longest lasting PVC fencing in America, and our advanced installation techniques will ensure your fence stands tall and looks great for years to come.

With numerous customization options from picket fencing to solid panels, you’ll get all of the privacy and security that you need.

Ready to Install Your New Fence?

Whether you choose more traditional wood or innovative PVC, Fence Crafters will work with you to make your project a success. Enjoy a greater return on your investment when you choose the leading fence contractor Delray Beach.

For privacy and security, get your free fencing estimate now.