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repair of fence

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials for modern fencing. As you learn about the benefits, you’ll quickly see why.

At Fence Crafters, it’s our passion to build durable fences that stand the test of time. If you need a fence that is secure, attractive, and durable, you can talk to our fence contractor Wellington for your free estimate today.

Here are the reasons why our custom made aluminum fences are incredibly popular for both residential and business installations.

Aluminum Fence Rust Resistance

Aluminum is an inherently stable metal that will resist rust and other forms of deterioration. To prevent oxidation, your fence contractor Wellington will apply advanced coating materials to both protect and beautify your new fence. You won’t have to worry about your fence falling apart within just a few years. In fact, the best aluminum fences can last for 50 years or even longer when properly installed and regularly maintained.

fence besides a tree

Low Maintenance Requirements

With a new aluminum fence from your fence contractor Wellington, you can look forward to a lifetime of ownership where maintenance is minimal.

Our specialized finishes are designed to prevent damage from dirt, debris, UV light, rain, humidity, and other environmental factors. The biggest risk to an aluminum fence is algae. This organic material can compromise the finish, leading to oxidation and deterioration.

The steps to keep a fence protected and looking its best are simple.

  • When algae builds up, simply wash it off with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse off the fence with clean water to complete the process.
  • A pressure washer can be used on a low setting to safely clean aluminum fencing.
  • Debris can build up around an aluminum fence. Remove leaves, sticks, branches, and other organic matter to protect the finish.
  • Keep shrubs and low-lying tree limbs away from an aluminum fence. They could damage the structure or scratch the finish.

Maintenance requirements are comparable to that of a vinyl fence. If you want to enjoy your fence without worrying about taking care of it every other weekend, aluminum is a perfect choice.

Low Cost

Aluminum fencing is relatively affordable, especially when considering how long they can last. You’ll enjoy a long return on your investment, and you can even choose custom styles and security features on a reasonable budget.

If you want to learn about pricing for your home or business, you can get a free estimate from our fence contractor Wellington team today.

Beautiful Look and Feel

Aluminum fences look great. They don’t create privacy, but this is sometimes preferred. If you want to bring attention to landscaping or the architecture of your home, an aluminum fence will be the best option. If you have a scenic backdrop behind your home, then aluminum fencing will provide an unrestricted view.

For businesses, aluminum fencing is ideal because it keeps the site visible, helping to improve security.

Aluminum is a modern material with clean lines and a smooth finish. This material perfectly complements modern homes and businesses.

Increased Security

With options for security features like anti-scaling spikes and more, an aluminum fence can provide all of the security that you need for your home or place of business. For commercial or even industrial locations, aluminum offers a more aesthetically pleasing and more secure solution than standard chainlink.

Talk to the Best Fence Contractor Wellington

There are no major downsides to choosing aluminum fencing. If you don’t need a solid fence for privacy, aluminum could be the best choice for your upcoming project. At Fence Crafters we make our aluminum fences in-house, with extensive color and customization options. We can pair your new fence with automatic gates, openings, rolling doors, or any other accessibility solutions that you need.

Call the best fence contractor wellington for your free estimate now.