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A new fence could add life to your property while improving its visual appeal and value. If you’re in the market for a new fence, you’ll need to find a fence contractor Boynton Beach that you can trust. Just like in any industry, you should thoroughly research and vet the company that you choose.

Here are our best tips for finding a reliable fence installer near you.

How Much Experience Does the Fence Contractor Have?

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Experience matters in the fencing industry. The best fence contractor Boynton Beach will have years of experience designing, manufacturing, installing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial fences.

Companies that have been established for years in the local industry are a good place to start. There’s no magic number here, but a company that only has two or three years of experience won’t garner the same level of trust as a company that has been involved in the community for several years.

Experience should go right down to the individual contractors and supervisors who will work on your new fence. A company could have years of experience, but if all of the contractors are new to the job, their quality of work is likely to be lower than those who have many years of successful fence installations behind them.

Are Testimonials Available?

The best fence contractors will be happy to provide testimonials or examples of their work. This can include photos of completed projects, online reviews, and written recommendations from valued clients.

Look for customer satisfaction and a high quality of work. Customer service is important, reviews that focus on good customer experience are a sign that you’ve found the right company to work with.

Does the Fence Contractor Boynton Beach Offer Material and Customization Options?

Customization is important when it comes to choosing your next fence. Your fence should suit your needs and reflect the visual personality of your home or business. Having material options will allow you to make a choice that meets your aesthetic demands, as well as the intended level of security and privacy. The material choice will also affect the cost of your new fence.

Choose a fence contractor Boynton Beach that offers options like:

  • Vinyl PVC fencing.
  • Wooden fencing.
  • Chain link fencing.
  • Steel and aluminum fencing.
  • Any other material that you’re interested in.

The more options there are, the better you will be able to make a decision that suits your needs without compromises. Your fence contractor Boynton Beach should also take the time to explain the benefits of the different materials that are available.

Is the Company Insured?

Fly by night contractors are those who aren’t locally based. They often come through town after the hurricane season, looking for quick contracts and upfront cash payments. These companies often lack the appropriate insurance and licensing to give you complete peace of mind.

Always insist on a company that is locally based, licensed, and insured. This will protect you from liability and you’ll have recourse should anything go wrong on the job.

About Fence Crafters

You know what to look for in a fence contractor Boynton Beach. Now it’s time to meet the team at Fence Crafters.

We have more than two decades of experience in the South Florida fence industry. All of our professionals are highly trained and regularly upskilled. We know the best materials to get the look, durability, and privacy/security that you demand. We don’t push options on you. Instead, we aim to educate you so that you can make an informed decision without compromises.

We are locally based and are fully licensed and insured, so you can have confidence knowing that the job will be completed to the highest standard, with no unnecessary risk on your part.

If you want to work with the best fence contractor Boynton Beach, contact us today for your free fencing estimate.