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With the Atlantic as our eastern city limit, Delray Beach residents understand about rebuilding and replacement of everything from the roof to the grass underfoot after a severe storm or hurricane. As we saw last year, the weather can even flatten many types of fences to the ground or damage them so severely that they are beyond repair.

While no fence can stand up to every type of extreme weather, there is an option that Fence Crafters can offer home and business owners which resists much of the damage caused by storms and the sun. Vinyl or PVC fence material in Delray Beach is extremely tough and can resist most of the cuts, dents, and scrapes caused by nature or people.

The durability of vinyl fencing makes it ideal for our area. It is also very low maintenance, and when cut and shaped by trained technicians, vinyl is usable in many types and styles of fencing. Fence Crafters has the rights for exclusive distribution of one of the leaders in the vinyl industry, Ply Gem Fence, and Railing. Each of their products meets the strict Florida building code standards and competitively priced against even the lower quality, generic brands found in the big box stores and other retail outlets.

Since we maintain our manufacturing facility, our technicians can create almost any fence to match your requirements. In addition to its durability, vinyl can be cut to look like many other types of fencing. Add the right color of UV resistant stain, and that means our teams can install a six-foot backyard fence that looks like treated lumber but stands up to climbing kids and trash cans banging on the slats far better than pine wood.

Vinyl also works great as a security fence. Our design team can help a business owner come up with the right height to discourage trespassers while still installing a fence that adds to the professional atmosphere needed for a car lot, security office, or warehouse operation.

If you want to install a new fence, or need to replace an existing one before this storm season is in full effect, contact Fence Crafters Inc. at 561-848-6220. We can help you create and install the right choice for your Delray Beach commercial property or home residence.

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