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One of the most durable fencing products today is PVC or vinyl. It is extremely versatile and can replace wood or aluminum for many different fence styles for homes and businesses in Boynton Beach. Fence Crafters has the exclusive distribution rights for Ply-Gem Fence and Railing products in Boynton Beach and other parts of Palm Beach County. The company manufactures a product that is low-maintenance, highly resistant to sun and weather damage, and can be cut and designed to match almost any residential or commercial requirement.

There may be slightly less expensive vinyl fencing in Boyton Beach than Ply Gem provides, but the quality of these products does not meet the standards that Fence Crafters requires for our neighbors and fellow business owners. Every Ply-Gem rail, slat, and crosspiece meets the strict, Florida building code standards and also has a pleasing appearance that adds to the look of every home and business.

Vinyl fencing is perfect for use around homes, especially when pets and small children are present. Ply Gem fences do not split, splinter or degrade from the harsh South Florida summer heat and storms. That makes them ideal for property fences, pool enclosures, and even front yard picket fences.

PVC is also extremely tough against yard care equipment. Wood and aluminum can show every wheel bounce or strike from a weed-eater. Ply Gem posts, and slats resist every incident and even the worst hit usually only requires a paint touch-up.

The longevity makes it ideal for many business and commercial fence applications. Once covered with a UV-resistant paint, a security fence around an office building or a car lot can last for many years with no visible changes from the day our service team installed it. A Ply Gem security fence is also much more attractive than a chain-link or wood alternative.

If you are looking to replace an old fence or design and install a new PVC fence for your business or home, call Fence Crafters today at 561-848-6220 for a free estimate. Our experienced team can help you choose the perfect fence for your Boynton Beach property.