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Chain-link fences are an effective method to secure property as well as contain children and pets in your Palm Beach Gardens home and business. They are also a more affordable alternative to more expensive aluminum or iron fencing options.

At Fence Crafters, our manufacturing plant can turn out a variety of chain-link fences. We keep a wide range of wire gauges on-hand, and depending on the gauge width required, can string together fences anywhere from three feet to twelve feet in height. Once our crew has the right height and length, they galvanize the fence sections by applying a zinc coating. Our work crews can also paint the fence to ensure it blends in or matches the house or surrounding area.

Security fences need to protect your home or business, but they should not detract from the appearance of either one. A height of six feet usually serves as a good preventive fence, especially for residential backyards. The only restrictions we deal with over installing one for a home are local zoning ordinances or HOA restrictions. If your home opens onto an alley and privacy is not an issue, chain-link is the better option.

Depending on the type of commercial business, a height of six to twelve feet serves almost every need. A simple standard we follow is the more expensive the equipment, the higher the fence. We can also add strands of razor wire to the top of the fence to make it nearly impassable. As with a residential fence, the height you require may not be possible under local zoning ordinances.

Chain-link fencing is also an excellent way to protect children at home or school and daycare. At home, it is perfect for keeping small children in your backyard and also keeps them out of the pool when you are not there to supervise them. In most cases, a three or four-foot fence works very well.

At schools and daycare, teachers have to deal with fast moving toddlers and young children learning to climb and explore. A six-foot or higher fence provides educators and monitors the time needed to get to a child before they can get over the fence. A chain-link fence of this height also prevents anyone from quickly gaining access to the school and then leaving just as rapidly.

If you want to do more to protect your family and Palm Beach Gardens area property with a new chain link fence, call Fence Crafters at 561-848-6220 for a free estimate. We have supported area home and business owners for over 25 years.

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