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Fence Crafters has been installing new fences in North Palm Beach and your neighborhood for over 25 years. Our family-owned business has grown with each generation, providing customers with residential and commercial fence products.

Early in our business, we realized that simply driving in posts, stringing chain-link, or painting a picket fence was not enough to fully serve our customers. Depending on the requirement, it could take several days or longer to source the needed material. Worse, there were occasions where we received the posts, slats, and other items, only to find that they had been cut or trimmed incorrectly and were unusable.

Because of these situations, we developed and still maintain an extensive material inventory and an in-house manufacturing facility at our company headquarters. Here, we stock pressure-treated pine, rolls of chain-link and other material such as Ply-Gem vinyl to meet every home or business option. On the off chance, we do not have it in stock, our relationship with area suppliers means we can get it within 24-48 hours.

As a fence company serving North Palm Beach, we can cut or trim each piece to fit the customer’s requirements. That includes not just slats or posts, but top rails, hinges, gates, and other accessory pieces as well. The only requirement that might frustrate us is if a client needs a fence taller than the size of the individual pieces.

After several years of dealing with these types of problems, we quickly realized that it was better to become involved in the design process as soon as possible. It is much simpler and prevents redesigning a project after construction begins. Our in-house design team can assist with type, material, color, and even placement. Once installed, the right fence can last for many years.

No matter what the need is for your home or business, Fence Crafters can help you design, install, and maintain the perfect fence for your residential or commercial property in North Palm Beach. If you need our services, call us today at 561-848-6220 for a free estimate.