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The growing economy is allowing West Palm Beach residents to upgrade and improve the fences around homes and commercial buildings. A good way to improve what realtors call the ‘curb appeal’ is to install or replace an old fence with a new one.

At Fence Crafters, we offer a variety of materials and styles of fencing for every home. One of the more durable and versatile options for homes is an aluminum fence in West Palm Beach. It is resistant to the effects of the sun and the weather and can be shaped or painted to look like a wrought-iron gate or even a backyard fence.

Aluminum is less expensive than iron, but it can provide the same appearance and is more durable since it does not rust after exposure to the elements. We maintain a private manufacturing plant and can turn a block of aluminum into almost any style of fencing. That includes not just slats and posts, but gates, hinges, caps, and other hardware and accessories.

Our highly trained technicians can also powder coat the finished product, so they work to match every color choice as closely as possible. Each customer can be certain the color they want is the color they get when our installation team arrives and begins to build their new fence in West Palm Beach.

Installing an aluminum fence for a home is much like installing a traditional wood fence. After making sure there is no threat from buried electrical or gas lines, we dig the post holes and set the posts.

Attaching panels is a simple process. Our specialists perform any needed welding at our plant, so we attach the panels quickly to the posts using nuts, bolts, and screws. It is more secure than driving nails through wood, resists wind better, and every piece is powder coated to match the fence.

A new, aluminum fence can greatly add to the value of your West Palm Beach home or office while costing only a fraction of other materials. Fence Crafters is here to help you design the ideal fence, be it a decorative, privacy, or security fence. To schedule a free estimate, call us today at 561-848-6220

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