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West Palm Beach homes usually need more than one type or style of fence. A decorative fence that blends with the front yard and adds to the curb appeal does not function as a boundary or security fence. For those two options, a chain link fence is a cost-efficient and very functional option.

For over 25 years, Fence Crafters has provided chain link and other fence products for West Palm Beach homes and businesses. We keep a large inventory of chain link material on hand to serve our clients and can make various alterations at our manufacturing plant to support the needs of our customers when it comes to design and installation.

Some version of the phrase ‘Love your neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge’ has been around since Benjamin Franklin. It is great advice to stay on good terms, but know where to draw the line. A boundary fence helps do just that. Chain link fences perform this task at a reasonable cost and do not require extensive maintenance.

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The standard chain link Fence Crafters installs stand about four to five feet high. It lets everyone know where the property lines are and helps prevent misunderstandings when it comes to putting up sheds or digging down for swimming pools or putting in a foundation for a large patio. The same boundary fence also makes a good security fence for keeping in small dogs and preventing children from running across multiple backyards and possibly getting into areas they should avoid.

As a barrier to swimming pools, chain link fences work well. A four feet fence keeps out toddlers and small children, but we can raise the height to six feet without detracting from the appearance of the home. If the area behind the home is large enough, Fence Crafters can also construct and build a chain-link fence high enough for a tennis court.

For West Palm Beach homes, chain link fences can serve a variety of purposes. If you need to install one, our design team at Fence Crafters can help choose the right height and thickness appropriate for your home. Call today at 561-848-6220 for a free estimate.

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