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Palm Beach Gardens is a vibrant and eclectic community. Residential and commercial fencing requirements for our area reflect that. With a population that hovers around 50,000, these home and business owners need a company that can meet every type of need.

Some business operations need a high, chain link fence for security and to specifically resist trespassing. Fence Crafters maintains an in-house manufacturing plant that can weave enough chain link fencing to surround even the largest warehouse operation in our community. Staff fabricators of residential and commercial fencing in Palm Beach Gardens can also create custom entry gates to match every requirement needed, regardless if it is a warehouse, towing company, or even a contract job for local government.

When it comes to residential requirements, Fence Crafters has extensive experience helping homeowners choose the perfect fence. Our company keeps a designer on staff to assist with improving curb appeal, ensure privacy, and keep residents safe in their backyards.

Making a home look good is simple for many fence companies, but few also have the background working with area HOAs to meet their requirements. Some rules can onerous, but they help keep property and resale values high. Fence Crafters has successfully worked with HOAs for over 25 years to ensure our customers meet every rule while still looking their best with sidewalk, backyard, and beach fencing.

Pools are a must for many Palm Beach County homeowners, but they can be a safety concern when there are small children present. A high quality, PVC fence is attractive and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. We offer Ply Gem vinyl products to provide a long-lasting fence that resists the effects of the sun and weather so well; it can look the same five years later as it did the day our team installed it.

If you need a new residential or commercial fence around your Palm Beach Gardens home or business, we can come to your location and provide a free estimate. Call the experienced Fence Crafters team today at 561-848-6220

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