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If you’re building a backyard fence or even a complete boundary for your home, the material you choose will be one of the most important decisions that you make. Fencing materials influence appearance, durability, and even upkeep.

Planning to build a new fence is a serious project, and you can make things much easier when you go in with a little research. Fence Crafters is your local fence contractor Delray Beach. Here we’ll cover some of the most popular materials used for residential fencing so that you can make an informed decision for results that meet your needs.

Wood Fencing in Delray Beach

Wood is one of the most popular fencing materials used today. It’s also one of the most traditional. Homeowners often choose this material for its natural appearance and its durability. It’s also an excellent option for tall privacy fences that keep your yard concealed from the roadside.

There are countless customization options available with your fence contractor Delray Beach. You’ll be able to choose the style, height, wood species, gate options, and the type of styling or paint that it is used.

Wood fences will stand for decades when professionally installed, but annual maintenance will be necessary to prevent rot and deterioration caused by insects and moisture. If you want a classic aesthetic and don’t mind the upkeep, talk to us today about wood fencing installation.

Chain Link Fencing for Homes

tulip flower and plant

There’s some stigma surrounding chain link fencing, although most of this is unfounded. People see this material as a low-cost option for projects where looks are secondary. Chain link is indeed affordable but the aesthetic concerns aren’t completely valid.

Chain link lacks privacy in its most basic form, but this can be overcome with privacy slats to limit visibility. Chain link fencing can also be used as a base for a living fence with hedges, crawling plants, and trees to complete the fenceline.

The old rusted chain link fences of yesteryear are no longer a problem for homeowners. At Fence Crafters, we can finish chainlink in any color your desire, and the finishing will prevent rust and deterioration over the years. Best of all, chain link requires little maintenance, so it could actually be the best choice if you want a home with low upkeep costs.

Sure, chain link isn’t quite as attractive as options like wood or PVC, but the material can be aesthetically pleasing in the right setting. It’s a particularly good material for backyard fences, children’s play areas, and pet enclosures.

PVC and Vinyl From Your Fence Contractor Delray Beach

Maybe you love the look of wood but you aren’t interested in the maintenance. PVC (Vinyl) fencing is the perfect option in this case.

PVC emulates the look of wood but eliminates the risk of rot and insect infestation. This material is perfect for humid climates because it won’t expand and contract as much as natural timber will. If you want a fence that offers privacy and a traditional aesthetic, PVC is perfect. It’s colored at the factory, so it won’t chip or fade in the same way as a painted or varnished wooden fence.

We are the only fence contractor Delray Beach authorized to install Ply Gem PVC fencing.

Beautiful Aluminum Fences for High-End Homes


If privacy isn’t a major concern and you demand durability and low maintenance, you can consider aluminum fencing. This metal will resist corrosion and it’s impervious to moisture and common environmental factors. It resists impact damage from storm debris and high winds will never be a problem for your new aluminum fence.

With aluminum, you can enjoy a clearly marked perimeter with uninterrupted visibility. It’s ideal for backyard fences as well as front yard fences, as long as you aren’t concerned about privacy.

Talk to your local fence contractor Delray Beach to explore your options for beautiful ornamental aluminum fencing.

Contact a Local Fence Contractor Delray Beach Today

You’ve explored the benefits of the most popular fencing materials today. Now it’s time to move ahead with your project. Contact the team at Fence Crafters for a free estimate and look ahead to a safer, more secure, and more beautiful home.