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PVC vinyl is a popular material for fences at homes and commercial properties. Fences made from PVC are durable and safe, they offer privacy, and they provide a long return on investment. Vinyl fences are also incredibly easy to clean, especially when you have some tips from your fence contractor Wellington.

If you’ve had a vinyl fence installed in the last year, or if you simply want to learn more before making your investment, these tips will go a long way. You can keep a vinyl fence looking great, with most installations lasting up to 30 years or even longer

Remove Debris and Dirt With a Hose

If you don’t have a power washer at home, you can use your garden hose to clean a vinyl fence. Spraying down the fence with your hose will be the first step. It will remove dirt and debris so that you can get on to some deeper cleaning. With a high-pressure nozzle, you’ll get even better results.

Hose down all sections of the fence evenly and you should see a lot of the dirt and grime wash away. Fence Crafters is the exclusive fence contractor Wellington for Ply Gem fencing, and our products are colored at the factory. Hosing and even pressure washing comes with no risk of damaging the finish.

Clean With a Detergent or Specialized Fence Cleaner

Standard household detergent like dish soap can work wonders on a PVC fence. Mix detergent with warm water in a bucket and mix the solution until it’s thick and bubbly. Use a car wash sponge or even an old kitchen towel to wash all of the fence sections with the solution.

This method works well because the suds and water will work into crevices on the fence. When all of the sections have been cleaned, simply finish off with your hose to remove excess dirt and soap.

You can also use specialist fence cleaners that are labeled as safe for PVC vinyl fencing. These products usually come in spray bottles or in concentrated solutions designed to be mixed with water. Follow all instructions on the label and finish off the process with a hose rinse.

Some outdoor cleaning products come with a hose-end sprayer attachment, so you can connect the cleaner directly to your garden hose to make the job easier.

If you need advice about safe cleaning products for your recently installed fence, contact an expert fence contractor Wellington at Fence Crafters.

Using a Power Washer

machine of fencing

If you do have a power washer at home, you’ll be able to clean your vinyl fence thoroughly and in a very short amount of time. For heavily stained or soiled fences, start by hand applying a cleaning solution or soapy water to the fence. You can then finish off by spraying all sections evenly with the power washer.

Be sure to use a nozzle that creates a long and even jet of water, rather than one that directs all of the water into one point.

Vinyl fences should be cleaned with pressure between 2,000 and 2,800 PSI. This is the ideal range to prevent damage while removing all stubborn dirt and stains.

Replacing an Older Fence With a Local Fence Contractor Wellington

The best vinyl fences will last for 30 years. If properly cared for, they could even last a few years longer. If you have an older vinyl fence that is beyond cleaning and repair, you can have a new one installed by the team at Fence Crafters.

We are the top fence contractor Wellington and offer a broad range of vinyl fence designs and colors. If you want the look of natural wood with all of the security and privacy benefits, PVC vinyl should be your first choice.

Contact us today for a fencing estimate or to get advice for repairs and maintenance.