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white color gate

Installing or replacing your fence is a major project, with many decisions that come into play before you commit to a final design.

The style of your fence, the type of gates to use, the color, and the material are all important. In fact, the material is usually the top consideration made by homeowners and businesses.

Wood and metal are two popular materials that you can have installed by your fence contractor Boyton Beach. These materials are hard wearing and provide a great return on investment. However, if an eco-friendly fence is your top priority, there’s one material that you might not have considered… it’s PVC fencing.

PVC is the term commonly used for Polyvinyl Chloride, a type of polymer that is used in custom fence manufacturing. Also known simply as vinyl, this is a popular choice for both commercial and residential fences.

What Are the Benefits of PVC With a Fence Contractor Boynton Beach?

At Fence Crafters, PVC has become one of our most popular materials. When looking at the benefits, it isn’t hard to understand why.

  • PVC has a beautiful aesthetic that can be easily customized. PVC fence designs emulate the look of wood.
  • The material is resistant to environmental and sun damage. Wood can fade over time. Painted metals will eventually begin to flake. PVC is resistant to weathering and the color pigment is added during manufacturing. PVC won’t fade for decades and it doesn’t need to be painted.
  • There’s little maintenance needed for PVC fencing. When you have a new fence installed by your fence contractor Boynton Beach, you’ll only need to power wash the fence, usually just once or twice every year. Vinyl doesn’t rot and there’s no risk of infestation.

On their own, these benefits are compelling. There’s also the fact that PVC is an environmentally friendly material, and this could make it the perfect choice for your upcoming project.

white wall of aluminum

The Environmental Upsides of PVC Fencing

You want to minimize the environmental footprint of your home or business. PVC fencing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do this. A local fence contractor Boynton Beach can help.

Because PVC doesn’t rot or suffer from insect infestation, you won’t have to replace sections of your fence within its lifetime. This reduces material waste from manufacturing and installation. You can feel better about the material that you choose to improve your home or commercial property.

You’ve also learned that PVC is colored at the factory. Most fencing materials will need to be refinished several times throughout a fence’s lifetime. Wood and metal are especially susceptible to damage or fading finishes. Because it will remain its original color for decades, you won’t need to buy and apply paint or sealants. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also reduces the cost of ownership, creating a stronger return on your investment.

PVC can be recycled and reused. Even when your fence needs to be replaced, the material can re-enter the supply chain to be used for recycled fencing or completely new products. Materials like wood and metal that deteriorate and rust can’t be recycled in the same way.

A fence will last for up to 30 years, and sometimes longer, depending on environmental factors. Our fence contractor Boynton Beach will install a new vinyl fence that stands the test of time. This in itself makes PVC a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Get PVC Fencing With Your Local Fence Contractor Boynton Beach

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Choose to build a more sustainable home with the help of our fencing experts.