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Delray Beach is one of the most beautiful little cities on Florida’s east coast. We have helped both homeowners and business owners replace old fences. Changes to area homes and businesses only happen after careful thought and planning. Regardless if it is a backyard privacy fence or a security fence for a storage facility, owners want an attractive fence that can last for years to come.

Fence Crafters provides Delray Beach property owners free fence estimates for their commercial and residential properties. Since we maintain an in-house designer and manufacturing facility, our team can give the most accurate estimate for a new fence. That means no surprises during installation or at the end when it comes to final billing.

Having an in-house designer also means there is no time lost communicating between two companies and one home or business owner. When it comes time to install the fence, all our designer has to do is walk the final layout down the hall for processing.

We maintain one of the largest on-hand inventories to keep everything moving. With the design in hand, our installation teams begin drawing material. The fence can be wood, chain link, aluminum, or even Ply-Gem vinyl. Fence Crafters keeps all this on-hand, and a wide selection of hinges, gates, and pole caps to meet every customer demand. On the rare occasions, we do not have an item in stock, our relationship with area suppliers means we can source it and have it on-site quickly.

Once they have everything, our teams begin work on the fence. Our in-house facility allows us to cut wood, aluminum, or vinyl pieces and then quickly assemble panels. Technicians easily string together wire and then galvanized the assembled sections for a chain link fence that resists most weather effects.

It all helps us keep costs down for the owner of the new fence and reduces the time it takes to get from design to final product. That means we can install a new fence quickly, on time and on budget.

To receive a free estimate, call Fence Crafters today to schedule an appointment at 561-848-6220With more than 25 years serving our Delray Beach area neighbors, we are certain we can meet your needs as well.

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