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North Palm Beach is well known for its attractive homes and attractions that local and tourists enjoy watching, photographing, and patronizing. Thanks to the weather, especially when it rains hard like this week, keeping them looking good can be difficult. Old worn wooden fences can hurt your properties value.

new wood fence in North Palm Beach is an easy way for property owners to add to the value and appearance of their homes and businesses. At Fence Crafters, we can use almost any type of wood a customer may desire. With more than 25 years in business, we find that pressure-treated wood to resist sun and weather is still the best choice.

The possibilities are limited only by HOA rules or city zoning laws when it comes to height, type, and color. With those considerations, our staff design team can help you create the exact fence for your North Palm Beach area business or residence.

Once the design is complete, Fence Crafters’ in-house manufacturing facility can cut, shape, and build your fence. We keep an extensive inventory of the posts, rails, and slats needed for any requirement. To complete the work faster than any other company we also keep in stock the most popular choices in hinges, post toppers, rail caps, and other accessories to add that final touch which puts our products above our competitors.

As our experienced team members assemble the panels and gates, our installation team gets to work. They measure the area for fencing, then mark and dig out the postholes needed to install and mount everything properly. Our team makes every effort to begin installation the moment our delivery truck begins unloading to reduce the time we are on a property and disturbing the customer and his neighbors.

So, no matter if you need a new backyard fence, beach fence, or a traditional picket fence at your North Palm Beach residential or commercial property, Fence Crafters is the company you should reach out to first. Call us at 561-848-6220 today for more information on what we can do for you and to schedule a free estimate.

Click here for more information on the city of North Palm Beach.