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For Wellington homeowners, this most recent storm season was a relief compared to 2017’s Hurricane Irma. With only minor, and in many cases very little, storm damage, local property owners have a larger budget for home improvement. That makes this the perfect opportunity to install a new fence that enhances the property value and increases the curb appeal of their residences.

To get the best value for their budget, many homeowners are choosing an aluminum fence in Wellington for many of their needs. Each one is more durable than other materials, and at Fence Crafters, we can create many different styles of fencing to meet almost any customer requirement or desire using our in-house manufacturing facility.

With a black powder coating, an aluminum fence and entrance gate look exactly like their iron counterparts but cost far less. They do not rust like iron and are otherwise just as resistant to sun and weather. Our experienced Fence Crafters team can help match any color required by our customers.

Another popular choice for aluminum is an update to the traditional white, picket fence that borders many front yards. Our design team can work with a homeowner on exact specifications to include height, the width of fence slats, and gate size. Once powder coated, the fence is indistinguishable from a wooden fence until someone touches it.

The customization does not end with fences and gates. We maintain an extensive inventory of not just aluminum sections, but a large catalog of accessories as well, to include fence caps, gate latches, and hinges. As with the fences and gates, our personnel can powder coat each piece to match the needs of the customer. If we do not have an item on hand, we can source it quickly from an area supplier.

At Fence Crafters, we have served Wellington and other communities in South Florida for more than 25 years. If you are ready to upgrade to and install a new, aluminum fence to improve both value and visual appeal of your home, contact us at 561-848-6220 today for a free estimate.

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