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Delray Beach is a very popular, and beautiful, part of Palm Beach County. For property owners, it is an incredible place to live and work. Maintaining the property while balancing privacy and security can be difficult for many residents and business owners.

That makes a new, sturdy chain link fence in Delray Beach, a great option for property owners. At Fence Crafters, we can build a fence to meet virtually any requirement for our customers. Our company is a one-stop service when it comes to design, manufacture, and installation.

We maintain an in-house design team to make certain each customer has the fence they want before our teams dig the first posthole. With over 25 years experience, our team has created hundreds of designs, to include everything from three-foot high pool fences to protect children and pets, to six-foot and higher fences that enclose animals or reduce the threat of trespassers.

With the design complete, our manufacturing team assembles it. Fence Crafters has its in-house facility and extensive inventory to ensure we control the process from start to finish. It allows us to begin immediately and complete the new fence quicker. Our inventory includes a wide range of chain link wire in a variety of gauge sizes.

Regardless of which gauge is selected, our team has the training and equipment to weave the wire together to form a strong fence. A new chain link fence for your Delray Beach property will be very resistant to the harsh effects of the South Florida weather.

Before starting, the team leader contacts the local utility and cable companies to make certain the area is marked, and we do not sever any power, phone, or Internet lines. With that done, team members quickly dig the post holes. Depending on the size of the fence and property, our teams can install most fences in only one or two days.

Our goal at Fence Crafters is to install a chain link fence that not only meets our customer’s requirements but also adds to the value of the Delray Beach property. If you are considering a new residential or commercial fence, call us today at 561-848-6220 for a free estimate.

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