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When shopping for a new fence, you want to consider everything from style to functionality, including how much maintenance your choices require. With the help of a proper fencing company, you can turn your next fencing project into a masterpiece and obtain the serene atmosphere you deserve when entering your home.

A new fence for your Wellington area home can do many things, protect children or pets, prevent intruders, increase privacy, block unpleasant views, and even increase the aesthetic appeal or value of your home. There are many different styles, construction materials, and prices to consider.

You want to be a good neighbor, follow zoning, or housing association rules and still get what you desire out of your new fence. The professionals at FENCE CRAFTERS can help you stay within guidelines presented in your living area while giving you the look and appeal you want.

At FENCE CRAFTERS, our professional design and fabrication team can assist you with making many of these decisions, find the right material, style, and options available to fit your property perfectly. You should start by understanding the options available to you and decide which category your fencing needs fall into for your overall goals.

Privacy options give you a solid fencing material that is capable of blocking unwanted sight lines, with vertical boards and pointed stakes (pickets), framed panels, lattice, or decorative fence patterns. All of which are viable, most choices come down to personal preference.

Security options hinder others from entering your property, generally consisting of heights exceeding six feet tall and contain a variety of spiky top options to deter climbers. Often having a smooth outer surface that does not offer steps to climb.

Decorative options can help establish property lines and add curb appeal to your home. This option allows you to be more inventive, offering spaced pickets, latticework, and a variety of ornamental designs that enhance your view.

Safety options give you the ability to protect small children or pets from outdoor pools or protect areas. With many options to choose from, galvanized metal mesh, chain link, or wire mesh coated with a colored vinyl make these a low maintenance solution.

FENCE CRAFTERS can help you decide which style and material work best for your situation, we have everything from wood, vinyl, iron, aluminum, chain link, and wire fencing materials to choose from for your fencing needs. With the largest inventory in the entire county, we have the ability to fill your every need.

Call FENCE CRAFTERS 561-848-6220 at  for information about new fence options in Wellington, Loxahatchee and the surrounding western communities. For more info regarding Wellington, visit