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FENCE CRAFTERS offers Aluminum Fencing with Style

Most homeowners in lean towards wood fencing as a standard solution, while businesses often find themselves leaning towards wrought iron for the answer. Leaving aluminum fencing out of the thought process altogether, even though it is a secure, reliable, and beautifully crafted alternative for any residential, commercial, or industrial application you consider.

Aluminum fencing can fit any Palm Beach Gardens landscape; its versatility is unmatched in the world of fencing. Ugly gaps, slopes, or flat landscapes all bow to aluminum designs made to fit your spatial needs. Perfect for a variety of applications, aluminum fencing can provide different height specifications, topped with spikes for security, meeting local code specifications and often exceeding customer expectations through style, color, height, hardware options and more.

FENCE CRAFTERS design specialists urge you to consider aluminum as a worthy alternative. When all is said and done, aluminum fence looks as gorgeous and regal as wrought iron. However, it is far more readily available and costs much less to manufacture. Even though installation costs are more than your standard wood fence, it does not require upkeep, boasting a virtually maintenance free experience. Approach aluminum as an investment that improves the value of your property and provides you with decades of peace and tranquility.

Aluminum’s durability is unmatched; it is more chemically sound than wrought iron, avoiding degradations like rust, rot, or fading. Moisture and sunlight do not greatly affect aluminum, making it perfect for environments regularly consisting of ice, rain, or sunny conditions, giving customers fantastic value for their money.

At FENCE CRAFTERS, we love designing aluminum fencing options for your Palm Beach Gardens property and you will too. This fencing style fencing does not require repainting or re-staining as the material itself gets covered by a coating of hydrostatically powdered paint during manufacturing. This paint fuses with aluminum’s surface and lasts for decades without signs of wear and tear that plague other materials.

Are you an environmental enthusiast? Aluminum fencing provides you with easy to find recycled materials, boasting the same strength and beauty of freshly milled aluminum while maintaining all of the benefits. This gives you an option that is friendly to both the environment and our available resources.

FENCE CRAFTERS has a massive gallery of beautiful aluminum products, with design specialists available to help create anything you desire. Aluminum fencing is perfect for utilitarian or aesthetic purposes, boasting safety and security, as well as beauty and elegance.

Color and texture options meet anyone’s need, from satin black to beige, chocolate, or silver and bronze, aluminum fencing provides you with the look and style you want. Contact FENCE CRAFTERS today for additional information or to receive the help you need with designing the perfect fencing option for you. 561-848-6220.

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