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Adding value to your home does not require a major renovation or expensive landscaping. It is the simple things that catch the eye of the person driving by which inspire or delight. A white PVC or Vinyl fence in your front yard or a wood privacy fence in the back that matches your home and the surrounding environment is attractive and inviting to guests and neighbors. At Fence Crafters, we have the perfect material for every new fence project in the Jupiter area.

PVC or vinyl fencing can be shaped, cut and even colored to match what you ask for in a fence. It is one of the most widely produced synthetic plastic polymers (PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride), safe to use around children and resists sunlight, weather, and routine abuse from mowers and other lawn care equipment far better than wood. It is much more attractive than chain link fencing and serves to contain small pets and kids just as effectively.

Manufacturing it to your specifications is simple for us. We have our equipment and production facility located Palm Beach County and an extensive inventory of PVC material and color additives. If we do not have it on-hand, we can get it from an area supply company quickly.

Fence Crafters has the exclusive Palm Beach County distribution rights to Ply Gem Fence and Railing products. Ply Gem vinyl fencing is the industry standard because it is exceptionally durable, highly attractive, low in maintenance, comes in a full range of styles, and is manufactured by Ply Gem Fence and Railing, the widely recognized 70-year-old pioneer of building products. Ply Gem vinyl-fencing products are also building-code rated and backed by the best-limited lifetime warranty in the business, yet are competitively priced compared to lesser-quality generic brands.

Ply Gem vinyl-fencing products can be installed for a variety of residential and commercial applications and are available in a broad array of designs including:

  • Privacy fences in semi-private designs, solid and solid with accents.
  • Picket fences with closed pickets, scalloped, straight or in specialty designs.
  • Ranch rail fences in both standard and specialty designs.

Once installed, PVC and Vinyl lasts longer than many fencing materials. Your new fence can stand up to strong winds and rain and still look brand new after the all clear is given. PVC stands up to prolonged sunlight exposure far better than wood. It does not deteriorate like natural material, and the colors we use are also UV resistant as well.

For a new fence in the Jupiter area, call us at 561-848-6220 for a free estimate. With over 25 years in business, we are confident that Fence Crafters can meet and exceed your expectations for a new fence.

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