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If you are looking for a new fence for your West Palm Beach area yard, or want a fencing option that takes less time to install and is much easier to maintain, look no further. We have a variety of PVC fencing options available; easily discover how to make your next fencing project fit exactly what you’re looking for.

For anyone looking for a more eco-friendly solution, advances in technology allow us to use recycled materials for PVC fence on your West Palm Beach property, with freshly milled PVC also available. We consider HOA or local building codes when addressing your situation, having our specialists work side-by-side with each customer to discover which options provide you with the best solution.

We have the exclusive Palm Beach County distribution rights to PlyGem Fence and Railing products. PlyGem vinyl fencing is durable, very attractive, low in maintenance, comes in many styles, and is manufactured by PlyGem Fence and Railing, the widely recognized 70-year-old pioneer of building products. PlyGem vinyl fencing products are also building-code rated and backed by the best-limited lifetime warranty in the business, yet are competitively priced compared to lesser-quality generic brands.

FENCE CRAFTERS has PVC fencing that is easy to clean, resists weathering, and requires little to no maintenance to speak of once installed. Although beginning costs can be compared to the investment for a new wood fence, the material resists damage caused by lengthy exposure to extreme hot or cold conditions and prevents premature aging or cracking, lasting far longer than other materials, including wood.

The PVC fencing available at FENCE CRAFTERS comes in a variety of colors, sure to fit any scheme for your new West Palm Beach area fence. Since coloring for PVC gets introduced during the extrusion process, it is not necessary to paint your fence year after year, leading to an appealing water resistant material that does not experience large discoloration over time.

At FENCE CRAFTERS, we have a wide selection of materials in stock, along with the technical and practical experience needed to fabricate any high-quality PVC products to meet your needs. With over 25-years providing homeowners with the proper fencing solutions, we warranty all of our products.

Our specialists can provide you with access to the finest fencing materials and craftsmanship available throughout the state. Offering a large variety of privacy, security, decorative, safety, boundary, or containment fencing options, far more than you could imagine.

Contact FENCE CRAFTERS for residential, commercial, and industrial “FENCING DONE RIGHT,” we provide fencing solutions customers can count on for years to come. Call our West Palm Beach area office to schedule a free estimate 561-848-6220.

For more information on Fence Installation in West Palm Beach, see the City of West Palm Beach Website at: