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Having the right fence around a home or business adds to the appeal, value, and security. Homeowners want to present a consistent look from the sidewalk to the backyard or water access. A professional fence company with a 25-year reputation of quality work is needed to meet the demand.

Although aluminum, steel, and PVC material resist the Florida sun well, many homeowners still prefer natural wood to accent their property in areas like Jupiter Farms. Since these homes rest on one to one-and-a-half acres, using wood is a common choice, especially for frontal property lines. At Fence Crafters, we can custom design and install a quality wood fence to match any requirement.

We start with the initial planning. Our team has designers that work with each homeowner to craft a design that matches both the style requested by the owner and compliments the shape and lay of the property. Once completed, we have a design that can include a sidewalk fence, a pool privacy fence, or a security fence that surrounds beachfront properties like a shoreline estate home or a condo.

At this stage, we check the zoning regulations to ensure we follow the local municipality codes. One of our inspectors also checks the property boundaries to make sure that we do not cross onto a neighbor’s yard or build a security fence on public land. We also contact the local utility companies to come out and mark the cable, power, and water lines.

We begin the build with pressure-treated wood designed to last against the worst elements from the sun and rain. We keep an extensive inventory of woods at our local manufacturing facility and the equipment to cut planks and posts to any size and shape needed.

Now comes the installation. We can put in a simple sidewalk fence or a pool fence in a single day under most circumstances. Extensive property fences take longer, depending on the length and width to cover. For most wood fences, we set every post in concrete. It increases support strength in hurricanes and other storms but still allows strong winds to pass through.

Whether wood, aluminum, vinyl, PVC, steel or chain link fence for privacy, security or decorative purposes, our experienced team of professional fence builders and installers can help you choose the right fence.

Fence Crafters has decades of experience in Florida helping our neighbors in the Jupiter, Jupiter Farms and Hobe Sound areas find the perfect fence for their property. To schedule an appointment for a Free Estimate, call us today at 561-848-6220.

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