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fence besides garden and tree

Many West Palm Beach area residents are taking the time and money to upgrade their homes and rental properties. New fencing can be a cost-efficient choice that allows owners to increase the attractiveness and value of their home without having to deal with major renovations.

If you are looking for a new aluminum fence for your West Palm Beach home or business, now is an excellent time to call us for a free estimate. In addition to the multiple types and sizes available, Fence Crafters offers multiple colors also.

These colors provide for more options, both from a security and decorative standpoint. With the black option, our manufacturing team can create a fence that looks like a wrought-iron counterpart. The difference being that aluminum is more affordable and more weather resistant. We can design fences to match your exterior, which makes them uniquely beautiful for garden fences and outdoor entertainment areas.

For Fence Crafters builders, aluminum also gives us the option to create long-lasting fences along the back of the property or near the beachfront. In these areas where there is not always a daily presence to look for signs of damage, rust, or rot that accompany iron or wood options. Aluminum is almost maintenance-free, so it is the perfect choice for these areas with minimal traffic.

If you are not certain what style of aluminum fence you want on your property, we have a design team on staff to help you choose the best new fence option for your West Palm Beach area property. A staff member can work with you to choose the height, width of the slats, thickness, style of accessories (post caps and gate size for example), and more.

If you’re considering a new aluminum fence for your property, call Fence Crafters today for a free estimate at 561-848-6220. Our experienced team can quickly start the process to design and build an attractive fence for your home or business that can increase its value and curb appeal.

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