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fence besides garden and tree

Many area home and business owners need new fencing for different reasons. At Fence Crafters, we have provided chain link fencing to our neighbors and fellow business owners for more than 25 years in West Palm Beach and surrounding communities.

For commercial or residential properties around West Palm Beach, chain link fence is an option that restricts access, provides security, and helps provide a clear division of property without the cost of other fencing materials. Since we maintain an in-house manufacturing facility, our specialists can turn out everything from a four-foot backyard fence to a ten-foot fence that surrounds an outdoor storage area for a big-box store or automotive dealer location.

New chain link fence is very resistant to not just the weather, but commercial and residential irrigation systems, and even waste from family pets and other animals. From farms in Boynton Beach to storage facilities in Jupiter, our customers take advantage of the versatility of chain link fence for a variety of uses.

Advantages to a new Fence Crafters chain link fence include its affordability, flexibility and option to repair if necessary. The panels of steel wire can twist and give when under stress. If the pressure is minimal, the panels return to their normal position with no sign of damage.

Before we install any fence, team members help the owners work with the local utility and cable companies. The goal is to make certain we do not accidentally cut through any lines or pipes that might affect local services. If there is an issue, our design team can quickly alter the placement of fence posts to avoid a problem without compromising the look or strength of the fence.

If you have a West Palm Beach area home or business and are considering installing a new chain link or another type of fence, call us today at 561-848-6220 for a free estimate.

Click here for more information about the city of West Palm Beach.