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Like many communities on our state’s east coast, quite some Delray Beach homes are on or near the water. It can prove a challenge to creating and installing new fences for area homeowners.

With over 25 years of experience building new Delray Beach fences, Fence Crafters is the only call you need to make when considering adding to your home’s appearance, privacy, and value. Our expert builders can help you with everything from choosing a front yard, picket fence to installing a beach, a privacy fence that still presents an attractive front.

Not everyone wants a traditional, white, wooden fence, and that is fine with us. We have our own on staff, design team available to help you pick the right style, color, and material that can last for years. Other materials that we offer include aluminum and vinyl fencing that, when correctly cut and paired with the right paint, provide a beautiful appearance.

Since Fence Crafters has its manufacturing facility, our technicians can cut and shape fence slats and other pieces into almost any form. Personnel can make it look like a traditional fence or customize it to match each homeowner’s preference for their home. More than one customer has said that guests cannot tell the difference between aluminum and wood until they touch it.

For homeowners on the water, alternate materials like vinyl and aluminum provide a long-lasting, maintenance-free fence option. At our facility, we can cut the height of their privacy fence to meet any local ordinance and HOA rule. Thanks to our long relationship with area suppliers, if we do not have a particular shape, length, or color in stock, we can get it within a day or two.

Fence Crafters is still a family owned business, so every customer is also one of our neighbors. We work carefully and quickly to help each one create not just what they need, but what they can happily add to the place they call home. Call us today at 561-848-6220 for more information about what we can do for you.

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