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fence besides garden and tree

When it comes to providing Palm Beach Gardens homes with new PVC or Vinyl fencing, durability must be a priority. At Fence Crafters, we use the best possible materials that not only last for years to come but also add to the value of each home as well.

Among the longer, lasting options for homes are brand new PVC or Vinyl Fences in Palm Beach Gardens installed by Fence Crafters. The material provides exceptional protection against the Florida sun and weather or a careless landscaper who bangs his mower against your backyard fence at every turn.

Although vinyl fencing is available for purchase at a DIY or other retail store, you often get a much lower quality product. The cheaper slats from some companies are very thin and not always made with the best quality. At Fence Crafters, we are proud to have the exclusive distribution rights for Ply-Gem Fence and Railing high quality, vinyl products.

Ply-Gem is one of the leaders in the fencing industry. Each slat, rail, gate, and accessory meets the state building code requirements. We can also offer their products at a competitive price compared to the materials offered at other retailers.

Our company has its own, on-site, manufacturing facility, so we can insure each piece will match exactly what the homeowner requires for their backyard, pool, or even beach fence. Our manufacturing team can create a final product that looks so much like a traditional wood fence; many customers tell us that guests cannot tell the difference until they touch it.

With its durability compared to a wood fence, vinyl is often an excellent choice for a security fence. On larger estates or properties with beach access, our team can build a tall fence with panels that prevents casual observation and resists both trespassers and vandals far better than wood or chain-link fencing.

If you need to replace a fence around your home or want to install a new PVC or vinyl fence at your home or business property, call Fence Crafters today at 561-848-6220 for a free estimate. We can help you design a new fence, custom build it, and then quickly install it as an attractive addition to your Palm Beach Gardens property.

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