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pointed fencing gate

Rely on Fence Crafters for Aluminum Fence Ideas and Installation

A large variety of fencing options are available to you as a residential, commercial or industrial customer. One of the most used and highly attractive fencing options is aluminum. The best feature of an aluminum fence is it has little to no maintenance.

Our professional fencing contractors conveniently located near your home in Jupiter want to assist you with all of your fencing fabrication and installation needs. Take advantage of our team of qualified fencing professionals who work hard to get your job done right. After 25 years in business, we’ve learned the benefits of providing you with the fencing services you need.

FENCE CRAFTERS offers aluminum fence designing and installation options with custom fence and gate fabrications. Our aluminum fences come in standard white, black or bronze color with matching finials for that finished look. We can also offer custom colors or match existing colors for an extra charge. We offer you fence heights of between four and six feet. Aluminum enclosures allow for unrestricted breeze movement, increase security and add elegance to your property in Jupiter.

At FENCE CRAFTERS we understand that a variety of elements enter into play when deciding on the right fencing option for you. Let’s make certain that an aluminum fence is the right choice. Some features to consider when choosing a fence include:

Material – The type of fencing material you choose to use has a lot to do with the quality, maintenance, and appearance of your fence. Aluminum fences are almost maintenance free and give a very aesthetically pleasing appearance, often enhancing and accentuating lush landscaping.

Height – You will need to decide whether you want to install a simple 4-foot fence or a 6-foot fence that offers more security and implies a subtle hint to stay out, without being offensive.

Design – Aluminium fences can add a bit more elegance to your standard fencing. Gentle arcs and outcroppings can deter someone from attempting the climb over your fence.

Pickets – Used for both elegance and security, the pickets design that you choose for your new fencing provide a lot of options to choose from. Of course, with aluminum sections, there are restrictions.

FENCE CRAFTERS has been designing, manufacturing and installing a variety of aluminum fencing options for over 25 years and has the technical experience available to provide you with the privacy and security that you need. Ask us about our limited lifetime warranties for labor and materials.

Put our professional craftsmanship, materials and installation to work for you. Make the call to our FENCE CRAFTERS local office today; we’d be happy to assist you with your next fencing project. – 561-848-6220.