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Fence Crafters Provides Solutions to All Your Fencing Needs

Doing business with a professional fencing company can provide you with valuable insight into the task at hand. If you are considering a new wood privacy fence around your Delray Beach area home, don’t hesitate to give us a call for personalized service.

We offer a variety of wood fence options for your home in Delray Beach that includes residential fence design, fabrication, and installation. We can offer full consultation for do-it-yourself enthusiasts that gives you access to high-quality fencing products, materials, accessories, and hardware. We can also give you helpful tips on preparation, installation, maintenance and more. Alternatively, take the easy and smart way out and leave the heavy lifting to us, truly skilled and proven professionals.

FENCE CRAFTERS is a full-service fencing contractor that provides you with skilled, professional and courteous technicians to perform all of your fencing work. We have decades of experience providing our customers with quality installation and helping them secure their property.

We realize that interested homeowners, who prefer the look of a wooden fence for the natural look and full privacy, may be hesitant about the durability of this type of enclosure. At FENCE CRAFTERS we use corrosion resistant galvanized ring shank nails to assemble our wood fences to prevent staining and offer the installation of screws as an upgrade if you desire. For beauty and functionality, FENCE CRAFTERS skilled technicians provide you with high quality wood fencing, as well as the style of slats used in construction. Staining and weather-proofing also impact the appearance of these types of fences. Two-sided (shadow-box) dog-eared slats are perfect for allowing high winds to pass through without knocking sections of your fence down during inclement weather conditions, or those dreaded hurricanes.

If you need a fence for privacy, safety, decoration, containment or setting proper boundary lines on your property, we have the options and materials available for you. We do not believe in cutting corners and we provide you with highly detailed, quality services to assist you with adding beauty and value to your home. Wood fencing is just one of the many options we can offer you to exceed your expectations.

Keep in mind that we will also remove and haul away your existing fence, if you have one, before installing your replacement enclosure, saving you time and costs related to disposal of your old fencing.

Take a few minutes and give FENCE CRAFTERS a call for “Fencing Done Right.” Your family owned and operated fencing company with over 25 years experience is waiting for your call. For a free estimate, call 561-848-6220 today.