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fencing besides garden

Fence Crafters Can Provide an Appealing Enclosure for Your Home

A property fence can provide security as well as a number of other uses.  Royal Palm Beach home owners have many choices when it comes to materials.  In Florida, wood fences can quickly become compromised by the humidity and the weather. They can also collapse by catching storm-like winds. Fortunately, there are alternatives including chain link.

An attractive chain link fence around your Royal Palm Beach home can serve multiple purposes. Galvanized chain link is excellent for boundary enclosures. They need less care than wood or composite materials. They are also superb to keep contained small children and family pets. For many homeowners, they are an ‘install and forget’ product. At Fence Crafters, we have a very large inventory to make sure we can fence in your property according to your goals.

We carry chain link fencing in a variety of gauges (thickness of wire) to meet every need. It is galvanized (coated with a layer of zinc) after the wire strands are woven together. This layer helps to mitigate oxidation leading to rust. In addition to the wire fabric itself, we also treat all of the accessories we use; caps, braces, hinges, and everything that will become part of the fence.

Installing a chain link fence is reasonably easy and quick compared to other types of fencing. It also allows us to work with little or no disturbance to our customers. Our skilled teams can deliver every item needed to install hundreds of yards of fencing in a single day. Of course, the grounds are surveyed, if necessary, to ensure that no infrastructures are damaged such as underground electrical or fiber optic lines and water mains or irrigation pipes. Our crew will start by installing galvanized fence posts at the corners and other key positions. The longest period of the job will be waiting for the posts to set in the concrete. While that is happening, our technicians will roll out the correct fence lengths and cut it to match. When the concrete has set, they will stretch the chain link sections to the appropriate tension to the posts, so they will be tight without damaging the fence itself.

This process is repeated until all of the sections have been installed. They will then be fastened to the posts which have been placed at intervals between the corner posts. Once this is completed, then a top rail will be installed, providing additional support to the fence. Finally, a thick-gauge wire will be threaded to the bottom of the fence, providing further support and security. This wirework also helps to prevent animals from digging their way into or out of the enclosed space.

Fence Crafters has the skill and materials needed not just to put up a boundary but to add value to your home as well. Our goal is to enhance the overall appeal of your Royal Palm Beach home with a new chain link fence. Call us today at 561-848-6220 to get started.