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men checking the fencing

You’ve decided it’s time for a new fence at your home. You’re looking forward to the increased privacy and security that will be provided, as well as the improved curbside appeal. Deciding it’s time for a new fence is exciting, but the journey isn’t over yet. You’ll need to consider materials, wait for an estimate, and then plan for the actual build and a fence contractor.

Because the process can be confusing when you install a new fence for the first time, we’ve broken it down into some clear steps so that you know exactly how the work will proceed. Here’s what will happen when you work with the best fence contractor Boynton Beach.

Estimation With Your Fence Contractor Boynton Beach

You can get a basic estimate for your fence today, but there will be things to consider that can only be seen with a site visit. For a more accurate estimate, a team member will visit your home to talk to you, take a look at your property, and create a detailed assessment of costs and the project timeline.

This step is important because it will give you a roadmap for how the rest of the work will proceed.

You’ll also be able to talk about material and design options. Colors, gate types, and other features will all be discussed in detail. Our sales team will ensure that a fence is planned to meet your aesthetic and security requirements while staying within your ideal budget range.

Installing Your Fence With a Fence Contractor Boynton Beach

When you sign off on the estimate and planning details, we’ll move ahead to the building phase. Depending on the time of year and current workload, it could take up to six weeks to begin the work. However, in most cases, the start date will be much closer. We’ll update you at every step so that you always know what to expect. Our transparency and commitment to exceptional customer service are part of what makes us stand out as the best fence contractor Boynton Beach.

We manufacture our fences in-house, except for exclusive Ply Gem vinyl fencing. We can customize for your needs and the scope of your project. You’ll pay a deposit before the job begins, and sign a contract so that the work can get underway.

Before we break any ground, we will check whether there are any utility line hazards or permits needed to start the work. Wherever legally allowed, we will take care of the details for you.

  • Posts are installed first and set in concrete.
  • Stringers (the horizontal sections) are installed next.
  • Finally, the rest of the fencing materials and gates will be installed.

The process can vary depending on the material that you use. Some fences will be pre-fabricated and can be installed in sections. Our material options range from traditional choices like wood and chain link to modern aluminum fences and vinyl privacy fences.

aluminum white gate borders

Get Your Initial Estimate and Start the Process Today

You’ll love the friendly advice and leading services that you get from Fence Crafters. We are the exclusive authorized installer of Ply Gem vinyl fencing in Palm Beach and Martin County. Our wooden and metal fences are designed and fabricated in-house.

Our commitment to quality and lasting relationships in the community will give you confidence as you move forward.

If it’s time to upgrade your home with a modern, durable, and attractive fence, we’re ready to help. Call the leading fence contractor Boynton Beach for your free fencing estimate today.