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fence with a butterfly and leaf

If you’re looking for an affordable way to install a boundary fence, a pet enclosure, children’s playpen, or even a fence for your pool, chain link could be the perfect solution.

Modern chain link fencing can be coated in a color of your choosing, and the material will last for decades when properly cared for.

If you want to install a cost-effective and highly secure solution, you can talk to your fence contractor Wellington today. Take a look at our frequently asked questions and find out if this is the best fencing material for you.

What Makes Chain Link Fencing Unique?

Chain link fencing is appealing for its affordability, but there are other factors that make this material unique. Install with a professional fence contractor Wellington and you will enjoy:

  • A long-lasting fencing solution that leaves plenty of visibility (there are also privacy options).
  • Options for adding gates and doors.
  • Low maintenance when compared to solid wood or vinyl fences.
  • A fully customized design manufactured in-house by Fence Crafters.

Chain link was once seen as the low-cost and low-appeal solution for residential fencing, but a lot has changed in recent years. You can install an affordable and attractive fence for a home or business.

Can Chain Link Fencing Be Colored?

Yes! Chain link fencing works great with custom colors. You can choose a hue to match your home exterior and outdoor features.

How Often Should I Clean My Chain Link Fence?


Chain link fences require little maintenance, which is why they’re so popular with homeowners today. You should clean your fence at least every six months. If you have a pressure washer, cleaning will be easy on the lowest setting. You can even use a simple pressure nozzle with your garden hose.

Is Powder Coat the Best Finish for Chain Link?

Factory-installed powder coating is a popular finish for chain link fences. Compared to standard fence paint, it will help prevent corrosion and the buildup of debris. Talk to your fence contractor Wellington to discuss the best finishing options for your chain link fence. The best finish will depend on your property, the purpose of your fence, and your style requirements.

How Long Will My Fence Last?

The average chain link fence will last between 25 and 30 years, but many installations will last much longer. Choosing the best fence contractor Wellington will ensure that you get a long return on your investment.

Can a Chain Link Fence Offer Privacy?

In its standard form, chain link fencing offers minimal privacy. In some cases, this could be an advantage, such as in commercial installations where you want to increase security without compromising visibility. For homes, privacy slats are a good solution to prevent prying eyes. Chain link fences are also ideal for ‘living fences’ that incorporate climbing plants like ivy, fig, and jessamine.

What Can I Customize on a Chain Link Fence?

Your new chain link fence can be extensively customized. From adding privacy slats to doors and sliding gates, you can get the functionality and security that suits your application. Heights, diamond link size, and wire gauges can also be customized.

Whatever you have in mind, our experts will design a solution that works.

Talk to Your Fence Contractor Wellington

Are you ready to make a long term investment in your home or even your place of business? Talk to the team at Fence Crafters. Get your free estimate today and work with the best fence contractor Wellington.

We’ll build a fence to meet your unique needs, with extensive customization options so that you can enjoy enhanced security and even privacy in the coming years and decades.

Talk to us now to get started.