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When hurricane Irma made landfall in Palm Beach County, it impacted every city starting with Boca Raton in South Palm Beach County through West Palm Beach and Irma hit Jupiter before moving north to Martin County. The strong winds blew down large branches and uprooted entire trees. Fences were damaged in almost every neighborhood.

Weather services registered sustained winds in West Palm Beach and Jupiter at 67 MPH, just seven MPH below hurricane force winds. They damaged included wood fences and post torn from the ground. The wind impacted decorative fences, PVC and chain link causing major damage to all types of fences.

We have received numerous calls since the storm asking about fixing damaged fences. Reality is, depending on the type of fence and the severity of the damage, in most cases a new fence is a better investment than repairing an old damaged fence.

There is an old saying about how a new patch on an old coat makes them both look bad. That is true for anything related to your home as well. Using new slats mixed in with the original makes the fence look cheap and poorly installed, even if a qualified fence company properly sets and lines them up perfectly. This poor appearance can drive down the appeal and value of your home.

new fence is usually just as cost-efficient as attempting to repair a damaged. Contact your insurance agent to determine if your fence is covered by your home or storm policy. In South Florida, some Storm/Wind policies cover fences. Insurance companies know to the dollar how much labor costs as opposed to new material and often decide to replace rather than repair. It is less expensive for them, which means it is more affordable for you.

Installing a new fence is often faster too. If we try to use salvaged fencing damaged by the storm, our work crews have to spend time putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Posts, rails, and slats with chunks knocked out need repair, salvaged and new alike, have to be painted to match.

The heavy winds suffered in the Boca Raton area also ripped slats off posts and rails. In a few areas, the 91 MPH gusts tore posts out of the ground with the concrete anchor still attached. From a distance, they looked like giant popsicle sticks lying on the ground.

If you suffered wind damage to your residential or commercial fence, call Fence Crafters at 561-848-6220 for a Free Estimate on a new fence. Our experienced team will provide you all the information you need to make an educated decision. We are here to help you restore your property to its original condition and get your life back to normal as soon as possible.