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We have recently seen just how quickly a portion of a home and other property can disappear under water. Hurricane Irma delivered high winds and heavy rain to most South Florida cities including Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton. Keeping everything safe from damage is impossible of course, but it helps to use the best materials available and a professional service to install them.

Fencing That Can Stand High Winds

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the most stable plastics on the market. It is safe around children and pets, so Fence Crafters is pleased to offer it as an excellent material for fencing around homes.

The benefits of a PVC fence are numerous, and how well it stands up to rain and high winds is perhaps the best one. Vinyl does not decay when set in the ground as a wood post does. After a year or five years in soil or concrete, the material looks just as it did when we installed it.

Colorfastness and choice are other significant benefits. The Florida sun can bake almost anything to a paler shade in a relatively short time. Paint on wood or metal eventually wears and fades after several years exposed to the elements, but PVC holds its color for years and even decades. Since we maintain our maintenance facility, we can stain our PVC products with any color that a customer wants us to match. If we cannot create the color ourselves, we can get it in just a day or two.

Shaping is what many of our customers find to be the most interesting benefit. PVC is easier to cut and size to match requirements. Using blocks of raw PVC material, we can create a garden fence just two feet high with half-inch slats to a ten-foot perimeter, beach fence with four-inch or wider slats. Our technicians can also put together a rail fence that, when stained, looks indistinguishable from wood on a corral.

Finally, there is the toughness of PVC. It can take a direct strike from a lawnmower with no serious damage. Children cannot damage it while playing and pets cannot chew it to pieces or slowly destroy it when marking their territory. Fence Crafters has the exclusive distribution rights to Ply Gem Fence in Palm Beach County. Ply Gem vinyl fencing is exceptionally durable, highly attractive, low in maintenance, comes in a full range of styles, and is manufactured by Ply Gem Fence and Railing, widely recognized as the industry leader. Our vinyl-fencing products are backed by the best-limited lifetime warranty in the business and building-code rated. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how competitively priced our fencing is when compared to lesser-quality generic brands.

Our company is proud to provide PVC fencing to Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and all of South Palm Beach County. Vinyl and PVC can stand up to strong winds and rain like we experienced with Hurricane Irma. With UV resistant colors, PVC stands up to prolonged sunlight exposure. For more information about PVC, Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood, Chain Link or another type of fence for your home or business, contact Fence Crafters for a free estimate at 561-848-6220.