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Homeowners throughout Palm Beach County and Martin County are discovering the benefits of PVC fencing. It’s long-lasting, durable, looks great, and is relatively affordable.

If you are preparing to install new fencing in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, or any of the nearby areas, Fence Crafters is here to get the job done right, first time.

If you’ve considered PVC fencing but aren’t quite sure about some of the details, this is the FAQ for you.

Can Palm Beach County PVC Fencing Break?

All fencing materials can be damaged and broken. The key is to find one that offers long-term durability. PVC fencing Palm Beach County is not any more susceptible to breakage than other materials. In fact, it offers more impact resistance than aluminum, making it ideal for an exposed fence line during the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Even if a section becomes damaged (say from a tree falling or a motor vehicle accident), it can easily be replaced for a relatively low cost. The modular nature of a vinyl fence installation means that any damage will be easy to repair.

Will the Material Become Brittle in Cold Weather?

PVC can become less flexible in colder weather. Thankfully, average temperatures in Florida are mild to hot, all throughout the year. Even the coldest months won’t heighten the risk of damage to PVC fencing.

How Are Posts Installed?

Vinyl fencing is installed like any other material, with cemented posts that add stability and longevity. Fence Crafters has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We understand soil conditions in Florida and know the best methods to create fences that stand the test of time.

Does the Fence Need Cleaning?

Yes, PVC fencing Palm Beach County will need occasional cleaning to keep mildew, dirt, and grime away. The good news is that it’s a simple process. Hosing with detergent and rinsing, or pressure washing will be enough to keep your fence looking great. Most owners clean their fencing once each year.

Which Costs More? Wood or PVC Fencing Palm Beach County?

There’s a misconception that vinyl or PVC fencing is expensive. In reality, it’s comparable in cost to wood. It’s arguably a better material than wood because it’s easier to maintain, can potentially last longer if properly cared for, and there are more style and color variations available from the factory.

Who Can I Call to Install PVC Fencing Palm Beach County?

Fence Crafters is the company to talk to if you want a durable and long-lasting installation in Palm Beach County or Martin County.

We are exclusive authorized installers of Ply Gem PVC fencing, with countless design and color combinations available. Contact us today for a free fencing estimate and prepare for your more private, more secure, and more beautiful home.