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Secure and long-lasting, chain link fencing Palm Beach County is one of the most popular options for an affordable and effective property boundary.

While you likely understand the benefits of a chain link fence, there is always the concern of aesthetics. Will this type of fencing Palm Beach County diminish the look of your home? More importantly, are there ways to improve a chain link fence so that it looks more attractive and suited to your property?

If affordability and security are your primary concerns, Fence Crafters can help with our durable  fencing solutions. With these tips, you can even improve the aesthetic for a home that you will be proud of.

Add Privacy Slats to Chain Link Fencing Palm Beach County

One of your biggest concerns with chain link fencing might be the lack of privacy. While a chain link fence can add security, the design naturally allows a high level of visibility from outside.

Privacy is probably a requirement for your new fence, especially along the curbside. You can achieve this by using privacy slats. These can be custom made and installed by Fence Crafters. Privacy slats will reduce roadside noise, visibility, and could even prevent smaller wildlife species from entering your yard.

Privacy slats are affordable and they can even be retrofitted to existing fencing Palm Beach County.

Develop Foliage Around Your Fence

You might want a more natural appearance from your fence, which can be achieved by adding foliage. Developing small trees for a hedge line along your fence is a popular option. It can take up to five years to get effective results, but with the right care, your hedge will last the lifetime of your home and even improve the curbside appeal.

There are many options that you can explore with a local garden center and lawn specialist.

You can also plant your own vines if you’re willing to do some research and have time for regular care. Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae) is a popular option that offers excellent leaf coverage, weather resilience, and white flowers.

Use Chain Link Fencing Behind Your Home

If you are concerned about budget, you could use a more premium material like wood or PVC fencing at the front of your home, and then incorporate chain link for the side and rear boundaries of your property. This will keep costs down while giving you an impressive curbside look.

Add Color to Palm Baech County Fencing

Keep in mind that Palm Beach County chain link fencing can be painted. This creates a significant difference in the look, and paint can even help to protect the metal underneath. Fence Crafters can include color and design options in your free estimate.

Talk to Expert Installers of Chain Link Fencing Palm Beach County

Chain link fencing is incredibly versatile, especially when you introduce privacy slats, flowering vines, or an attractive hedge line. If you’re ready to make an investment in security and privacy for your home, you can talk to the team at Fence Crafters.

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we’re standing by to design and install custom chain link fencing Palm Beach County.