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If you’re looking to renovate a home, or even if you’re building a new one, fencing materials will need to be considered carefully. The right fencing will provide significant advantages to a homeowner, providing you choose a material that is durable and long-lasting.

With New Fencing Palm Beach County, You’ll Enjoy:

  • Improved home security with a lower risk of unauthorized access.
  • A safe space for your pets.
  • A yard that is free of critters and stray animals.
  • An improved aesthetic that raises curbside appeal.
  • Safety around your swimming pool or spa.

These are all advantages that homeowners will appreciate, but there remains the question: Which is the best fencing material to use?

At Fence Crafters, we recognize the benefits in a range of materials from vinyl to wood, steel, and even iron. However, it’s aluminum that is consistently in high demand, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Not only is aluminum fencing Palm Beach County affordable; it is also long-lasting and durable enough to withstand humidity, wind, rain, and other environmental factors. Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, which means a new fence today could last for 30 years and even longer when properly maintained.

You’ve probably heard from friends and family that aluminum is a great material for Florida’s climate, but you might still be wondering why. To help you choose the right fence for your next project, we’re going to dive into some of the most important details.

Aluminum Has a Natural Advantage

Even before aluminum is processed and formed into fencing Palm Beach County, it is already resistant to corrosion. This is because it forms a thin oxide layer when exposed to corrosive elements. This layer Is impermeable, meaning that air and water can’t penetrate it. With this layer, the metal underneath is fully protected.

This gives aluminum a natural advantage, but there’s more to come. At Fence Crafters, our aluminum fences are made from special alloys that improve corrosion resistance. They are then treated, and factory finished to further prevent rust and deterioration. These extra steps ensure that you have one of the most resistant fences available today. In fact, even treated steel alloys would need to be of the highest quality to give the same long-life performance.

The Installation Process Helps Protect Aluminum Fencing Palm Beach County

Even when using the best materials, a poor installation could compromise the durability and longevity of an aluminum fence. At Fence Crafters, we are a fully integrated manufacturer and installer. Our highly trained staff will install your fence without damage to the finish, which helps to ensure that corrosion never becomes a problem.

Are You Ready to Make a Long Term Investment?

Aluminum is truly one of the best materials available today. It’s used in airplane manufacturing, cars, architecture, and for high-quality fencing Palm Beach County.

If you want corrosion protection and a great return on your investment, aluminum fencing should be the first option you consider. Get a free quote today and see just how affordable a long-lasting fence can be.