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When it comes to the benefits vinyl fences bring to Lake Worth and West Palm Beach residences, few companies can be called a leader in crafting and improving on them for more than 70 years. Ply Gem is one of those companies. Fence Crafters has the exclusive rights to the distribution of Ply Gem vinyl fencing materials and products in Palm Beach County.

Why is that so important to us? Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is growing in popularity for fencing. The basic material is exceptionally tough, resisting the Florida sun and our weather better than treated wood or aluminum fence. Ply Gem products are also attractive to homeowners and anyone else who may be walking or driving past. They are also low in maintenance. The color does not fade, and even the worst pet stains can be washed off with a high-pressure hose.

Fence Crafters can offer Ply Gem PVC fencing in a wide range of styles. Since we maintain an in-house manufacturing plant, we can cut and shape the design to whatever a customer might desire. Our on-staff design team can even create a picket fence with scalloped or straight tops, matching gates, and custom-designed hardware.

Our restrictions are more often determined by HOA standing rules about height and color more than anything else. Regardless if the requirement is for a ten-foot beachfront perimeter fence, six-foot privacy, or a waist-high garden fence, we can build it for you. For homes on large properties, we design and install ranch-style rail fences that look just like traditional wood rails until someone is close enough to touch them.

PVC is also one of the more stable plastic polymers produced for public sale and use. It is very safe to use around children and pets, resisting damage from weed eaters and lawnmowers far better than wood. That makes it ideal for fencing around pools to prevent accidents and still looks good many years after installation.

Selecting a fence for your Lake Worth home can be a long-term investment if you pick the right material. The wrong choice means having to replace it every three or four years, and that is not including extreme weather like we saw so much of last year. If you want to sit down with our design team for a free estimate on a West Palm Beach area commercial or residential PVC fence; call us today at 561-848-6220.

Fence installation information for the City of Lake Worth.

Fencing installation information for the City of West Palm Beach.