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If you need a company with experience in every type of fencing available on the market, contact Fence Crafters today. What started as a small, family business over twenty-five years ago has grown into a company that has installed and repaired residential and commercial fences in the West Palm Beach and surrounding area for over twenty-five years.

It is not just a matter of years either. We maintain our local manufacturing facility where our technicians cut and shape each product in our inventory to match commercial and residential requirements. No matter if the product is traditional wood, aluminum, chain-linkPVC and vinyl,  our company can build a quality fence for your home or business in the West Palm Beach area.

On the rare occasion, we do not have the material or color in stock; Fence Crafters can quickly source it. Over the last, almost three decades, we have developed close relationships with local suppliers in the area to make sure we can take care of our customers faster than anyone else.

For residential customers, we can offer everything from a picket fence out front to a six-foot, or taller, privacy fence surrounding the backyard. Wood is still prevalent in homes, and the treated pine we use is the best available at a reasonable price for almost any fence.

Pools are a standard addition to many homes and need a fence of their own to protect children and keep pets out. Here, wood is not the best choice, but we have aluminum and PVC as excellent options. Our technicians can cut each material to look like wood slats and other shapes, but with aluminum, we can also create a fence that looks like wrought-iron but is much cheaper and more resistant to damage from pets, mowers, and the weather.

For commercial facilities, we can install chain-link fences up to twelve feet high. When we combine a galvanized, chain-link fence with aluminum or PVC slats, it is also instrumental in a security and privacy fence.

When you need an experienced fence company in West Palm Beach to install, repair, or even design a new fence for your home or business contact Fence Crafters.  We bring over 25 years of work, training, and pride in serving the local community and building long-lasting, high-quality fences. Call Fence Crafters at 561-848-6220 today to schedule a free estimate for your property.