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If the answer is yes, you should call Fence Crafters. We maintain the broadest inventory of fencing material in Martin and Palm Beach County. Our experienced teams work from our private manufacturing facility to ensure we can construct and install your new fence in the time frame necessary. Regardless if you need to replace a wood privacy fence, aluminum pool fence, or a chain link security fence, we are the first and last call you need to make.

The recent hurricanes and other storms have severely damaged some communities while others suffered less damage. Common destruction in all of them, however, has been to commercial and residential fences. Replacing them serves two purposes; first, it returns a certain level of privacy and security to homes and businesses. Second, replacement increases the attractiveness of each property. With so much of our economy depending on tourism, every action we take to improve our appearance is important. It is even more important to replace your damaged fence if you are a commercial business in the Stuart or Port St Lucie area.

Installing new chain link fences is one of the fastest and easiest to complete.  Depending on the current fence damage, we may use a pipe cutter to sever the old fence at the ground and fill in the hole with new concrete. We then bring in mechanical diggers to create new postholes and pour in the concrete to set the new poles in place. Depending on the size of the property, Fence Crafters can complete setting the poles and completing your new chain link fence very quickly.

Aluminum is tough, but even these fences bent when Irma struck our area. Since we have our manufacturing facility, we can cut and shape every post and slat to match the old fence exactly. If you need a new fence, we also have personnel trained to help homeowners design a new fence that perhaps better matches a new paint color or the bricks that replaced siding when the current owners moved in.

Traditional wood fences are still a favorite, and we are happy to install new ones using treated wood. Recent improvements to paint means that we can not only match any color desired, but we can add to the life of every fence with each coat. As with the aluminum, we can cut and shape each piece to meet any design.

Fence Crafters is proud to have served residential and commercial customers in Hobe Sound, Port St. Lucie and Stuart for more than 25 years. If you need our help after the recent extreme weather or it is simply time to replace your commercial or residential fence, call our Martin County fencing professionals at 561-848-6220.