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Now is an ideal time to schedule and install a new aluminum fence around your Stuart home in the New Year. This storm season caused extensive damage too much of Martin County and surrounding communities including Hobe Sound and Port St. Lucie. It is the perfect opportunity to give your home or business property a much-needed enhancement.

Aluminum is a great choice. It is more durable than wood and withstands regular and extreme weather exceptionally well. While the standard fence color comes in white, our expert painters can mix and apply almost any color that you can think of to match your needs. If we do not have it or cannot replicate it, Fence Crafters can source it from an area manufacturer within a few days.

We maintain our manufacturing facility, so we can cut and shape pre-fabricated slats and poles to match all general requirements. For special orders, we can create nearly any size or shape as long the aluminum itself can handle the structural stress. In most cases for Stuart and other Florida homes, our only restrictions come from HOA rules or regulations.

It is also a perfect time to upgrade your gates and other accessories. Our designers have decades of experience and can help you put together the perfect look for your home or office building. Many times, our customers report back to us that their new gate along with some ornamental pieces we attached have improved not just their ‘curb appeal,’ but raised the value of their property as well.

While this storm season has been devastating for many residents in Stuart and Port St. Lucie, many of them are now looking to the new year as a chance to not just rebuild, but building on their most valuable asset, their home. If you wish to install a new fence or replace an existing one, a new aluminum fence is a great option. If you have any questions for us, or if you want to schedule a free estimate, call Fence Crafters today at 561-848-6220.

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