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It can be hard to determine which fence company is right for you. As a service to our Wellington area neighbors, we would like to help make the decision easier. We hope to add your name to our long list of satisfied customers in the western communities of Palm Beach County.

When choosing a quality fence company in the Wellington and Royal Palm Beach area, you should first check to make sure the company you have in mind is properly licensed, bonded, and insured. Doing so helps you determine whether that company holds the basic certifications to be considered worthy of working on your property in the first place. Also, keep in mind that obtaining the proper permits is an absolute must.

If the fencing company you are looking at has less than 25-years of experience in the industry, it might be hard for them to produce the quality results you desire. FENCE CRAFTERS uses top-of-the-line materials, provides quality installation, and even disposes of your existing fence and other waste materials for you. We also warranty all of our products and services while offering wholesale pricing to qualified customers.

Sometimes small fence companies working out of the back of a pickup truck use inferior materials so it appears they can offer better pricing. If you think about things long term, it is hardly worth it to save a few hundred dollars today when you have to replace your fence in 5-years or less. With our high quality materials and professional installation it can last 10-years or more. FENCE CRAFTERS offers a variety of solutions at a reasonable cost while providing you with access to fencing for every type of project you can think of including Wood, Chain link, PVC, Steel, Vinyl, Aluminum and more

FENCE CRAFTERS understands HOA requirements, keeping your neighbors happy and having the protection your family deserves should be number one. Our knowledgeable staff understands the need for quality products and services. With a vast range of fencing options available in our showroom, every type of fence is easily accessible. If we do not have what you are looking for, or if you desire something truly original, our fabrication team can help you design the perfect fence for your residential or commercial property.

Call FENCE CRAFTERS to request a free estimate and begin building the fence of your dreams today 561-848-6220.