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There is a mistaken impression that chain link fences are only for dog pens and junkyards. The right size and gauge (thickness of the wire) can provide an attractive addition to your home or business and increase security, without breaking your property improvement budget.

One of the wrong impressions is that chain link fences ruin a view. The reality is that they are the best option for a minimally interrupted view while also providing a level of security. Many people do not notice the fence itself; instead, they see the unbroken line of the top rail. Even that is unnoticeable when viewed from far enough away.

A chain link fence provides a permanent line of property at a low cost; useful for both homes and businesses. They are also helpful in keeping pets inside and restrict help larger pests (gators and humans) to the outside.

At Fence Crafters, we provide an extensive range of gauges and heights. Since we maintain our manufacturing facility and depending on the wire thickness required, we can create a fence from three feet (36 inches) in height up to twelve feet (144 inches).

Once our technicians have woven the correct size, we treat the fence, galvanizing it with a zinc coating. This treatment seals the iron wire strands, protecting it from the weather and rust. After the galvanization process is complete, we carefully check for any damaged or missed spots. If the customer requests it, we can even paint the chain link. To ensure the paint adheres evenly, we apply a special primer and allow two hours for it to dry. Once completed, the color is up to the new owner.

In fact, when it comes to color, design, and placement, the only restrictions we have found after 25 years in business come fromĀ city and county ordinances and HOA rules. Otherwise, we can help a homeowner design and install a custom fence perfect for his property. If you need our fence manufacturing and installation services, or simply want to schedule an inspection and planning session, call Fence Crafters today at 561-848-6220