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A fence that matches the style of your home is like carefully planting a palm tree on your property. Done right, it does not detract from the view and even provides a welcome touch to anyone who looks at it.

There are many options a homeowner can choose from which add a bit of elegance or perhaps improve the security and privacy of their home. To meet all three requirements, many people still prefer wood for the look and feel. There is a certain level of comfort that only natural wood seems to provide and Fence Crafters is the premiere company to help you choose the right style fence for your Lake Worth home or business.

With the right treatment and paint, a wood fence can last for many years. All-weather sealants are superb for keeping out rain and resisting the effects of the summer sun. The outdoor paints we use are the best available, and there is not a color we cannot match. The only restrictions we ever seem to deal with are the rules laid down by the various Home Owners Associations in our local area.

Lake Worth Fence Installation Specialists

We can respond faster than most companies because we stock many types of wood fencing on site. If we do not have it on-hand, one of our vendors can get it to us in 48 hours. We also have our own manufacturing and fabrication site in Palm Beach County. No matter what shape, height, or type of cut you want, we can provide it. Depending on the size of the property you wish to fence in, our experienced installation crew can accomplish it in as little as a few days.

Of course, not every fence has to enclose the property. We also install decorative fencing to add to the appeal of a garden area or block off a swimming pool from public view. A small, waist-high fence shows off trees and colorful shrubs or flowers.

For a free, new fence estimate in the Lake Worth, Green Acres, and Royal Palm Beach area, call 561-848-6220. We can schedule a team member to arrive when it is convenient for you and begin the estimate process. Call us today for a beautiful *wood fence, which adds to the value and curb appeal of your Lake Worth area home.

*Learn more about our Lake Worth Wood Fences on our product page. 

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