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If you need new fencing for your home, commercial, or industrial property, material selection is one of the first things you’ll need to consider.

The materials you choose for your fencing will have an impact on cost, durability, and maintenance requirements. Fencing materials also influence the overall aesthetic and security of your new installation.

Fence Crafters is the leading fencing company in Jupiter. We design, manufacture, and install fences for homes and businesses. With several material options, we can cover all your needs and unique requirements.

Learn more about fencing materials and make the right choice for your next project.

Affordable Chain Link Fencing in Jupiter

Chain link fencing is an affordable solution that is quick to deploy and easy to maintain. Chain link is designed for security and efficiency in any scenario. If you need Jupiter fencing for a commercial or industrial property, this could be your best option.

Consider the advantages that you can gain when choosing chain link fencing:

  • This material is long lasting and durable, thanks to the use of galvanized steel.
  • Fencing sections can be easily repaired.
  • Gates, guard houses, and other security features can be easily integrated.
  • Line of sight is maintained, increasing security at high risk locations.
  • Low cost means you can cover a large area without making a huge investment.
  • Chain link fencing can be used for residences where you need security on a low budget. It’s also the ideal material for pet enclosures.
  • Fencing can be finished in a color of your choice to maintain your outdoor aesthetic.

If you’re looking for the best chain link fencing company in Jupiter, talk to the team at Fence Crafters.

Wood Fencing Installation for a Traditional Aesthetic

Wood has long been the preferred material for homes and commercial sites. When considering the beauty and durability of wood, it’s not hard to understand why.

A wooden fence can last for the lifetime of your home or business, although there are maintenance requirements that need to be adhered to. Wood may need infrequent repairs following storms or other events. Wood will also need to be refinished eventually to maintain the look and protect the material.

Even with the maintenance, many home and business owners insist on this material for it’s sturdiness and classic aesthetic.

You can gain unique advantages like:

  • Wood can be affordable. Despite popular belief, you can install an affordable wood fence on a budget. The price will change depending on the species you choose, with pine being one of the most affordable. Cedar is a great option due to its ability to resist pest infestation.
  • Wood is durable and will last for years with the right maintenance.
  • If you want privacy, wood is one of the best materials to choose. A solid fence is ideal for your curbside or around a pool installation.

You can get a free estimate for wood fencing in Jupiter today.

Ply Gem Fencing for a Classic Look Without the Maintenance

At Fence Crafters we respect innovation in the fencing industry. It’s one of the reasons why we are an exclusive supplier for Ply Gem, an innovative vinyl fencing manufacturer.

Vinyl fencing can replicate the look and feel of wood, with very low maintenance and affordable installation. If you want a classic aesthetic with some modern benefits, then this material should be considered.

With Ply Gem you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Flawless beauty with uniformity on every fencing section.
  • Lifetime durability for one of the best investments in modern fencing.
  • Fast installation, reducing labor costs. This is one of the most affordable fencing materials on the market.
  • Low maintenance beyond regular washing.
  • Factory finishes that look great and won’t fade like low-quality vinyl.

If you want to learn more about Ply Gem fencing in Jupiter, take a look at our complete overview here. Fence Crafters is the only fencing company in Jupiter authorized to install Ply Gem.

Fencing Installation Company in Jupiter Is Ready to Help

Whether you have questions, a design in mind, or if you’re ready to move ahead on your fencing project, Fence Crafters can help.

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we have the skills to design and engineer a fence to your exacting requirements. We manufacture in-house, with the exception of Ply Gem fencing, for which we are an exclusive supplier.

If you want a fence that will provide a long return on investment with lasting beauty, it’s time to talk to the best fencing company in Jupiter. Contact us today for your free fencing estimate.