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Homeowners in the Village of Wellington enjoy the benefits of being both a small community, but also part of a larger city. Add to that proximity to a wildlife refuge, and it does not take long to realize that we live in a beautiful and secluded area.

To help ensure security, many Wellington residents choose a chain link fence. At Fence Crafters, we can install tall fences for larger properties that restrict both human and animal traffic. For homes with a smaller yard, one of our fences provides an excellent barrier to prevent pets and small children from wandering off to possible injury.

Since we maintain an extensive inventory of chain link wire gauges, our design team can help create a fence tailored to the needs of each customer. While a standard fence is fine for most animals, some Wellington area residents also need stronger fencing for larger breeds of dogs, or if there are multiple animals kept in the same yard or enclosure.

Regardless of what size gauge is needed, every foot of wire if properly aligned with the next. A coating extends the life of the fence and makes it more resistant to the effects of our well-known Palm Beach County hurricanes and tropical storms.

We will walk the property to determine the best locations for fence posts and gate location. Before our team arrives to install the fence, one of our team members coordinates with the local TV/internet and utility companies to ensure that all pipe and cable locations are marked so we do not interrupt needed services to our customers or their neighbors.

After installation, we finish off each fence with a variety of accessories to match the customer’s preferences. As with the wire gauge, we keep a wide stock of gates, rails, and post caps on-hand to quickly complete each job with as little disruption to our customer or the neighborhood as possible.

Our goal at Fence Crafters is to not only install a fence but to help residents add to the value of their home or business. If you need a new residential or commercial chain link fence for your Wellington property, call us at 561-848-6220 today to schedule a free estimate.

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