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In Palm Beach Gardens, homeowners face a threat to their home few other states deal with; the combination of the Florida sun and harsh summer weather. It is why so many residents have to replace a fence after a few years, rather than the decades it lasts in other places. Fortunately, Fence Crafters can offer a long-lasting, cost-efficient alternative.

An aluminum fence in Palm Beach Gardens is a far more durable option to traditional wood rails, slats, and posts. At our manufacturing facility, technicians can take the material in our inventory and mold or cut it to match almost any requirement needed by a Palm Beach Gardens homeowner. With the right protective, color coating, your new backyard fence looks exactly like the fence of your dreams. Many of our customers tell us that visitors never realize it is an aluminum fence until they touch it.

The options are not limited to the backyard. Fence Crafters technicians can design and cut a pool fence which stands up to whatever a group of children or a large pet like a dog can dish out against it. The material and powder coatings not only resist the sun and weather, but also scuff marks and stains. They also stand up to heavier hits such as a lawnmower when the owner or a gardener cut a corner a little too close.

With more than 25 years of experience building new fences for Palm Beach Gardens home and business owners, Fence Crafters understands that every customer has their own style and fence requirements. Let us help you express your style while also adding to the appearance and value of your Palm Beach Gardens property. To schedule a Free Estimate for your new fence, call us today at 561-848-6220.

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